Sunday, June 1, 2014

What Gross People do behind Circle Ks...

I started out my day like every other. How was I to know that what I would see behind the circle k would scar me for life.

I often balloon twist and face paint in neighborhoods that look very scary. I am very sheltered where I live in beautiful Southern California. I live in the nice part of town. Children play on the streets and my neighbors are somewhat friendly. Ever since we moved from that shady apartment complex in Escondido, my car hasn't been broken into for years. So when I travel to other parts of San Diego, I am often shocked at the neighborhoods people live in.

This particular day I was in a very bad neighborhood at a children's birthday party. When I drove up to the house I noticed it had a very tall cement walls and tall iron gates surrounding it. I am sure that in this part of town this was the only way to keep there kids safe while they were playing in there front yard. The party was so much fun. Behind the prison like walls there was a cute little house. They had a bouncy house and the kids were all having a wonderful time. I face painted and then balloon twisted. When I was done I was paid and I collected my things. This house was right behind a Circle K, and I had to park a little down the street, because the road was littered with cars.

As I left the party and headed to my car, I noticed two people a man and a women. They were behind the Circle K. The man was sitting and the women..... I noticed at first that the women had her boobs out of her shirt. I thought that is strange. I did a double take. She did have here boobs out of her shirt. What was she doing to that man. EWWWWwwwww!!! Grossss, she was giving him a blow job!!!!

HORRIFIED! I ran to my car. I quickly threw my stuff into the car and drove off. Why were they doing that there!!! They were only a few yards away from a children's birthday party. What were they thinking? I called my husband and told him what I had just experienced. He prompted me to call the cops. I was so hysterical I didn't do anything. I just drove away with that horrible image in my head.

The funny part came when I told my sister and mom. They laughed and laughed! They told me I shouldn't be hanging out behind Circle Ks. My sister texted her husband and he replied "why is she hanging out behind Circle K?" My sister replied: "She was at a kids birthday party" He replied back "strange place to have a kids birthday party!"

They whole situation was horrible, but when I look back I just have to laugh. Who know why those people were doing what they were doing in broad daylight and in the middle of the afternoon. All I know is now I have a hilarious story to tell.

Memoirs of a balloon twister

I thought I should start off my blog with an explanation of why I am writing a blog and who I am exactly. Well I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, but mostly I am an artist. What kind of artist you might ask. Well I am a balloon artist to be exact. What is that you might wonder. Well I mostly go to children's birthday parties, I make balloon animals and I face paint. I have been very successful at this simple and fun business. This blog isn't here to show you all my creations I have a facebook page for that. No, this blog is here to tell you all about the weird, funny, cute, sweet, and strange things I experience while I do what I love. Balloon twist. I meet a lot of interesting people all the time. I am constantly experiencing new things good and bad. So hold on to your seats because these are the memoirs of a balloon twister.